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I would just like to have a little kinda serious appreciation preach in honour of naughty-bruce for several reasons, listed below:

- her posts (and more importantly, CAPTIONS) are utterly wonderful and they bring great joy to my life
- the whole #emergencybruce service/ cheering up comments on all sad things are awesome and kind and generally beautiful. i don’t know about anybody else but they make me feel considerably less shit and I’m very thankful (thank you)
- I have found so many fellow bruce appreciators through her blog, like tonnes; I feel as though she has united the community of moderately insane tramps and given us a delightful place in which to be proud of said insanity
- did I mention the captions I can’t remember

SO YEAH - naughty-bruce you are officially appreciated

→ Apr 2014 Apparently some people dislike Elton John, how fucking tragic 
Your life must be miserable
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Nation Of Heat by Joe Pug
→ Apr 2014 Just in case you guys wondered where I got all my cool from… 
This is my dad and I just before we went to see Dylan in 2012. I thank him for introducing me to the likes of Dylan, Cash and Waits, from whom I discovered Springsteen, Young etc etc 

We can share the dad love here right
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